The Tennessean

Scott Bird

Vice President

Charley Sexton

Creative Director

Maria Cornelius


John McCulley

Senior Web Developer

12 living spaces • 1 hotel • 1 city

Public relations • Graphic design • Web design and development • Special events

Enter elegance

When proprietor Nick Cazana’s vision of a personal luxury hotel with a dozen high-end condos began to come to life, he reached out to the team that knows downtown Knoxville, had a full-service communications team and understood the need for THE TENNESSEAN.

From press about the construction and opening, to an elegant marketing booklet and website, our team delivered.


“When we decided to build and market THE TENNESSEAN, our personal luxury hotel and residences in downtown Knoxville, we wanted to partner with a communication firm that could handle all aspects of our marketing needs, beginning with the design of our brochures, website, business cards, and week-to-week advertising. In addition, we needed a company that knew their way around the city, county and East Tennessee to help us get the name of THE TENNESSEAN to our clientele market.”

Nicholas G. Cazana


Commercial and Investment Properties

Getting noticed

Local officials and the media played an important role in getting THE TENNESSEAN noticed. We worked closely with both groups, providing up-to-date, timely information that would entice them to come to the hotel and take a look at what was happening inside.

Define luxury

A simple brochure wasn’t enough to show off this property. We built an elegant marketing booklet that depicted the luxury of the facility coupled tightly with the allure of downtown living.


Open the door

THE TENNESSEAN’s first grand opening happened online, courtesy of the unique design our team created. Taking elements from each piece of marketing, the city and the residences, we built a website that would wow potential buyers into picking up the phone and scheduling a visit.