Tennessee Theatre

Alan Carmichael


Charley Sexton

Creative Director

Maria Cornelius


Preserving 88 years of history

Branding • Logo Development


Branding an icon

We love downtown and were deeply honored when “The State Theatre of Tennessee” came to us for help modernizing their branding. They asked that we update the brand but maintain the history of the theatre. We knew tinkering with branding for downtown’s “movie palace” would require a delicate balance of matching new and old and were happy to take on the challenge.

Creating a logo

Our design team developed a compelling logo that has a more contemporary feel without abandoning the strong history and tradition of the theatre.

We studied the architecture and design of the beautiful theatre and pulled inspiration for the logo from the Moorish details, which were very popular at the time the theatre was built.


We also designed stationery, business cards, postcards and other marketing materials.

Protecting the brand

A great logo is only great when those using it do so in the correct manner. The Theatre wisely asked that we create a brand identity guide to inform the board, marketers, advertisers and other community agencies on approved and appropriate use of the logo. Thanks to a well-crafted brand identity guide, the new Tennessee Theatre logo is properly showcased every time it is used.